6+ YouTube Resolutions for 2020

6+ New Year’s Resolutions To Make So You Can Grow on YouTube in 2020

YouTube Analytics Content Strategy

As the new year — and decade — begin, here are six-plus totally stick-to-able YouTube Resolutions along with tips, tools, and a checklist you can use so you can really succeed on YouTube in 2020.

  ☑️  1: Commit to Looking At Your YouTube Data… and Understanding It
  ☑️  2: Map Out A Publishing Schedule… and Stick To It
  ☑️  3: Join YouTube Communities, Attend Video Marketing Events… and Actively Participate
  ☑️  4: Give Your Channel an Optimization Update… and Refresh It Regularly
  ☑️  5: Get To Know Your Audience… and Adjust Your Content Accordingly
  ☑️  6: Get To Know Your YouTube Competition… and Study What’s Working (Or Not) For Them

Commit to Looking At Your YouTube Data... and Understanding It

1: Commit to Looking At Your YouTube Data… and Understanding It

You (hopefully) already look at your YouTube channel analytics every so often and even understand the stats. But do you understand what actionable adjustments the charts and data points actually suggest? Make 2020 the year you become an expert on your own YouTube data.

To get started, you need to get grounded with an understanding of how your channel ranks vs. other channels in your Topic(s). Having that context gives you goals to aspire to.

The VideoAmigo Vital Statistics tool is a great place to begin. While you’re there, be sure to Claim Your Channel (if you haven’t already), and also review/add/edit your channel’s Topics. 

But don’t stop there. In addition to Vital Stats, VideoAmigo offers dozens of free tools for creators in our Creator Tools Suite. Click through the tabs below and make it a habit to check each of them for updates to your growth and rankings, and how you compare to other channels:

Track your growth vs. channels that focus on similar content as your channel, and show brands why they should sponsor you. In the Growth Story Teller tool, you control everything from the time period, to the scale, to the colors and labels.

This is YouTube’s self-professed top algorithm determining who gets exposed and who gets buried. The Watch Time calculator breaks down Total Watch Time into its component parts, revealing two basic numbers that you are in control of fixing, and once you do, your Total Watch Time will go up.

When selecting Influencers to work with, brands want to separate the truly influential from those who just create noise. Their yardstick is conversion or click-throughs. Do you know what your Click Through Rates are? The E-Commerce tool includes a worksheet to help you calculate the value of the click-throughs you can create for brands.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • E-Commerce

This tool was imagined for everyone that’s ever opened dozens of YouTube analytics tabs to compare videos against multiple stats. With the Library Analyzer tool, you’ll see every video-based stat in one place, making it so much easier to spot patterns (and problems) so you know what needs work.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Library Analyzer

Most creators group their content into buckets, or series. The Series Additions tool instantly shows you which of those series significantly outperforms the others, and which of those buckets you should fill with more content.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Series Additions

Do you know how long you should make your YouTube videos? The answer is, it depends on what kind of content you make. You want your videos to be as long as you can hold people’s attention, and the longer you can hold their attention, the better. But do you know how long that actually is? The Lengths tool helps you see whether your videos are shorter or longer than average compared to your competitors, YouTube overall, and the best of the best in your Topic.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Lengths

Bookmark My Creator Hub as your daily starting point. There you’ll get a quick and easy-to-read snapshot of key data including your channel’s weekly YouTube Search Presence*, month-over-month Ranking Summary*, daily Content Cadence, monthly Subscriber and View Trends, monthly Relative Growth Rates, and as-they-occur Alerts* related to your keywords, comments, and more.

*Modules Launching Soon

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • My Creator Hub

Bonus Resolution:
Create Your Own YouTube Checklist

Studies show that it takes, on average, 66 days for a new behavior to become a habit. So, go to your favorite task app (preferably one where you can set dates and reminders) and create a separate list just for YouTube and then find a daily time to look at your YouTube stats. If you already have YouTube goals and to-dos mingled with the rest of your tasks, you might find it beneficial to take the time right now to separate them into their own list so you can see your whole YouTube commitment at a glance.

Start today, and by mid-March, you’ll not only be growing your channel, but you’ll also be practically addicted to what you’re learning.

  ☑️ Daily: Review YouTube Stats

NOTE: This “Bonus Resolution” continues in each of the following sections.

Map Out A Publishing Schedule... and Stick To It

2: Map Out A Publishing Schedule… and Stick To It

As a YouTuber — or even as a fan — you know that consistency is key. If it’s Tuesday, there must be a new video from Ford Belgium. But have you figured out the right publishing cadence for your content? A defined content schedule is another reason for viewers to subscribe to your channel.

These free tools will help you figure out all of that and will help you stick to your new commitments:

VideoAmigo keeps track of every YouTube video upload, every minute of every day, so you can see not just your uploading record, but your direct competitors’ as well. Maybe you’re getting beat by a channel that uploads the same volume of content that you do, but more regularly. You’ll spot that and more with the Content Cadence tool, so you’ll know what to adjust.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Content Cadence

VideoAmigo gathers hourly data from 10,000+ YouTube Topics to reveal the best/better/good/bad times to upload based on when there is the highest viewership demand for a Topic plus when there is the lowest new video supply. Our When To Upload tool is the ONLY place to find out exactly when those perfect “golden” upload hours are.

New hours are published weekly, because seasons change, viewing habits change, your video Topics change, and the competition changes. So, be sure to check this tool before you schedule every upload.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • When to Upload

Find out if you should upload shorter videos more frequently, or longer videos less often. The answer is different for every Topic, country, language, producer type, and channel size.

In the Upload Success Formula tool, you’ll create an analysis that will give you a scientific answer to this question, custom-tailored for you and your channel.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Upload Success Formula

Now that you’ve committed to a content cadence, when you’re stuck for what kind of content to make, turn to the Editorial Calendar, a comprehensive list of holidays and celebrations. Sort by date and discover global events — or events for just your neck of the woods — and add topicality to your videos. 

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Editorial Calendar

Sometimes you need to take down (sunset) a video at a precise day and time due to rights management, and sometimes you have a video that you’re ready to publish, but you’re waiting for an exact moment.

The Sunsetting and Publishing tool “talks” to YouTube and makes it easy to sunset or publish, complete with an email reminder you set in case something changes.  

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Sunsetting and Publishing

Bonus Resolution (continued):
Create Your Own YouTube Checklist

Once you’ve figured out your publishing schedule, be sure to block off tasks and time for Planning, Filming, Editing, checking the When To Upload tool, plus Publishing (and Sunsetting) for each new video.

  ☑️ Before Each Video: Review Content Cadence Tool
  ☑️ Before Each Video: Review Upload Success Formula Tool
  ☑️ As Needed: Consult Editorial Calendar Tool
  ☑️ For Each Video: Schedule Planning
  ☑️ For Each Video: Schedule Filming
  ☑️ For Each Video: Schedule Editing
  ☑️ For Each Video: Review When To Upload Tool
  ☑️ For Each Video: Schedule Publishing (and Sunsetting As Needed)

Join YouTube Communities, Attend Video Marketing Events... and Actively Participate

3: Join YouTube Communities, Attend Video Marketing Events… and Actively Participate

YouTube is a community made up of many intersecting communities. YouTuber to audience, YouTuber to YouTuber, commenters to commenters, etc. It IS social media (emphasis on social), after all. 

Here are three YouTube-centric events that stand out (and yes, are somewhat pricey), plus one free method to build your community:

This annual conference is for everyone… Fans, creators, and industry folks. In the past, there have been massive days-long events in the United States (Anaheim, California), Asia (Singapore), Great Britain (London), Australia (Melbourne), and Mexico (Mexico City). VidCon events are chock full of YouTube celebs, panels and workshops for you to learn from experts, and plenty of time to meet fellow YouTubers to grow your own community of collaborators.


This annual conference held in Los Angeles purposefully excludes fans. Instead, VidSummit is for industry insiders, influencers, and marketers. Don’t think you don’t qualify… if you have a YouTube channel and want to learn how to grow it, this two-day event with multiple sessions per day is for you. If you can’t attend in person, look for Live Stream content and session replays.


Geared toward the industry (as opposed to including fans), the Video Marketing World annual conference — held in a suburb of Dallas — is the most intimate of the three and focuses on creators helping other creators.

You’re already on LinkedIn, right? Expand your community by joining YouTube-focused groups where you can ask like-minded creators for input on your most pressing questions, or offer your expertise and coach others about how you’ve grown your channel.

Go to LinkedIn and type a few keywords in the search box and filter for groups. Some allow you to join instantly, while others vet you before allowing you to join.

A few of our favorite LinkedIn Groups include:

  • YouTube Marketing
  • Social Media, Social Selling, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • YouTube Creators and Advertisers
  • YouTube Fans
  • YouTube Marketing Professionals

Bonus Resolution (continued):
Create Your Own YouTube Checklist

Many YouTube events are now yearly, so commit to finding the dates and locations by the end of January, and add them to your new YouTube task list. Make a note of when early bird ticket prices start and end, too. And don’t forget to check LinkedIn daily to make it a habit.

  ☑️ By End of January: Find Events and Deadlines
  ☑️ Daily: Actively Connect on LinkedIn

Give Your Channel an Optimization Update... and Refresh It Regularly

4: Give Your Channel an Optimization Update… and Refresh It Regularly

New Year, New YouTube channel… Well, sort of. There are a handful of small but very important tweaks that you can make to your channel’s backend that will increase your discoverability and make it feel fresh to you and your audience.

When was the last time you looked at the “Customize Channel” option in YouTube Studio? If it’s been a while, you have some work to do this weekend (and maybe next weekend, too):

Did you know that the content on your About Page is indexed by search engines? Take a critical look at what your About statement says. Does it really reflect who you are today?

Be sure to incorporate well-researched keywords while you describe what your channel is all about. The first 150 characters are the most important as that’s what shows up when someone searches for you.

So begin your description using enticing words, even if those words don’t include your most important keywords. The first 150 characters need to draw the searcher in.

YouTube channel About description
  1. Log in to YouTube…
  2. Click your channel avatar and choose Your Channel
  3. Click Customize Channel
  4. Open the About tab…
    • … if you’ve never added a description, select +Channel Description
    • … if you already have one, click it to start editing

You know you need to add tags to every video you upload, but when was the last time you looked at the Channel Tags you probably set up when you first launched the channel?

You have about 340 characters before you’re using words that won’t do you any good, so make sure they’re relevant and begin with category keywords first.

  • Log in to YouTube Studio…
  • Go to Settings in the far left column…
  • Choose the Channel tab…

Another critical form of channel optimization is Playlists. It’s still news to some that Playlists show up in YouTube and even Google search, so the very act of creating them is an optimization move for your channel.

Don’t know how many Playlists to have or how many videos to put in ‘em? You’re in luck because VideoAmigo studies the enormous amount of data in our system to tell you just that, based on your library size. Check it out in our free Playlist Builder tool.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Playlist Builder

Do you know if your Thumbnails are good enough to “win the click” now that Thumbnail clicks really matter?

Earlier this year, YouTube announced that Thumbnail Click-Through Rates are as important as Watch Time in YouTube’s video discovery algorithm. So how do you know if your Thumbnails are click-worthy? Our free Thumbnail Explorer tool shows you.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Thumbnail Explorer

Bonus Resolution (continued):
Create Your Own YouTube Checklist

Schedule time on your new YouTube task list for the next two weekends to update your About Page, Channel Tags, Playlists and Thumbnails. Then make a recurring task to look at your Playlists and Thumbnails at the beginning of every month, and another one every six months to refresh your About Page and Channel Tags.

  ☑️ Next Two Weekends: Edit About Page
  ☑️ Next Two Weekends: Edit Channel Tags
  ☑️ Next Two Weekends: Work with Playlist Builder Tool
  ☑️ Next Two Weekends: Work with Thumbnail Explorer Tool
  ☑️ 1st of Every Month: Work with Playlist Builder Tool
  ☑️ 1st of Every Month: Work with Thumbnail Explorer Tool
  ☑️ Every 6 Months: Refresh About Page
  ☑️ Every 6 Months: Refresh Channel Tags

Get To Know Your Audience... and Adjust Your Content Accordingly

5: Get To Know Your Audience… and Adjust Your Content Accordingly

What do you really know about your audience? Do you know what it takes for your viewers to convert to subscribers? Where they live? What languages they speak? Where your traffic comes from?

You have to know your audience to grow your audience. This means that understanding your audience is key to figuring out what kind of content to make. You may just need slight tweaks based on your current audience to really take off. Once you have a significant following, it’s easier to circle back to your original YouTube intentions. It’s a good thing that VideoAmigo has another handful of free tools to help you get and understand that critical insight:

You’ll be surprised at how fast you can grow your YouTube channel by responding to and knowing more about your commenters.

Our Comment Manager app lets you easily see which commenters are not subscribers so you can individually encourage them to subscribe, or conversely, thank your commenter for being a subscriber.

You can also see which commenters are creators with an audience of their own so you can trade shout-outs in your videos and broaden your community.

This tool includes an exclusive feature: add your own sentiment analysis so you can assign a value to individual comments, from best to worst. Comment Manager also “talks” to YouTube and makes it a breeze to review and respond to all of your comments in one place.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Comment Manager

For every million YouTube views on your channel, how many subscribers do you get? We call that “Conversion.” This stat demonstrates whether you’re just passing time making videos or actually building a fan base.

The Conversion tool starts by benchmarking your performance against others, for example by comparing your Conversion to YouTube overall, to your direct Topic competitors, and to the best of the best in your Topic. If your Conversion is low, we suggest ways to improve. If your channel has insanely high Conversion, we’ll warn you about what that could mean, and how you may be penalized for it. Get to know what works on your channel and do more of that to grow.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Conversion

You hopefully already look at your engagement stats in YouTube Analytics to see all of the many ways that people interact with you and your channel. Our Engagement tool kicks it up a notch and compares your channel to others in your Conversation, country, language, and more.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Engagement

Demographics and Geographics are two separate tools that add convenience and perspective to what you already get from YouTube analytics.

On a channel level, find out how your audience Demographics compare to YouTube overall or your Topic’s averages. On a video level, VideoAmigo gives you one chart with the Demographics of every video in your library. You’ll also find out which of your videos or video groups do better against specific demos and geo-borders.

Understanding your viewer’s Demographics and Geographics is a great way to know your audience, and if you are talking with brands about sponsorship opportunities, it’s one of the critical factors they’ll be interested in.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Geographics
VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Demographics

This tool takes YouTube’s already incredible information about where your views come from and shows it to you in ways you’ll use to grow your channel.

Use View Sources to see which of your videos and video groups are doing best with Premium, so that you know when to use YouTube’s Premiere promotion tools. And understand which of your videos and video groups have the most volume for a particular view source, so you can understand which of your optimization and content marketing efforts are paying off.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • View Sources

Measure what percentage of a video’s viewers click the Like Button so you can easily see which of your videos are liked more than the others… and then make more like them. Each of the videos in your YouTube library has its own Applause Rate and this tool shows which of your videos are liked more than the others. You can also use this tool to compare the Applause Rate of your videos to those of your Topic competitors.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Applause Rates

Find out whether or not too many of your views are coming from too small a number of videos. The most successful YouTube channels – the ones that are most sponsorable – have views that are spread out relatively evenly across the content library. The Audience Concentration tool shows you your curve, explains what it means, and lets you plot key competitors and the Top 10% in your Topic, so you’ll learn how to get a truly great story.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Audience Concentration

Bonus Resolution (continued):
Create Your Own YouTube Checklist

Other than Comment Manager — which may be a daily task based on your rate of comments — you may only need to look at these other audience tools once a month. Take the time now to add these other tasks to your new YouTube checklist for the middle of every month in 2020. There are a lot of audience tools, so consider spreading it out over a few days each month. And vow to yourself that you’ll be open to adjusting your content to the audience that has already found you, or to the audience you want to find you based on your Topic competition.

  ☑️ Daily / As Needed: Use Comment Manager Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review Conversion Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review Engagement Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review Demographics Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review Geographics Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review View Sources Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review Applause Rates Tool
  ☑️ Monthly, Mid-Month: Review Audience Concentration Tool

Get To Know Your Near Competition... and Study What's Working (Or Not) For Them

6: Get To Know Your YouTube Competition… and Study What’s Working (Or Not) For Them

How much do you know about your Topic competitors? Knowing what works for the big channels is interesting, for sure. But knowing what works and doesn’t work for channels that are vying for a similar audience gives you insight on how to better compete and to improve your standings and grow your audience.

Do you know who you are truly competing against for viewers? VideoAmigo’s unique database structure — our Taxonomy — shows you in ways that YouTube simply doesn’t. Yes, YouTube does have a basic classification system which channels self-assign. But in that classification system, a makeup channel and a woodworking channel may both be in the “How-to & Style” category. If you’re that makeup channel, woodworking is not very useful for studying best practices. Don’t worry… we’ve got your back: we have a classification system with more than 10,000 public Topics.

Study your competition with these free tools:

After you make sure you are in the correct VideoAmigo Topics, the Competition Story Teller tool shows where you rank among all of the channels in your Topic.

Where do you fall? At the top, where you demand a premium? At the bottom, where you should offer a bargain? Or in the middle, where showing growth gives brands a reason to bet on you?

You might rank #20 million on YouTube overall, but among Travel Vloggers from your country, speaking in your language, you might be near the top. Even if you’re not pitching yourself as an Influencer yet, open this tool and learn where you rank.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Competition Story Teller

Category Rankings is one of our deceptively simple list tools only made possible because of the depth of data in our Touchstorm Video Index. Here you can create your own combination of Topics and get a ranking chart. It’s your ability to combine marketing categories that make this a powerful tool to study your current competition or find the competition you want to go after.

VideoAmigo • Free Tool • Category Rankings

If you’re a brand — or want to study brands — there is one more tool you should pay attention to.

YouTube is the only social media that offers the perfect formula for Paid, Earned, and Owned, allowing you to break through and create real relationships with consumers. How is your brand doing on YouTube? Specifically, how is your brand doing against your closest Topic competitors there? Find out with the free Top Brands on YouTube research tool. 

Bonus Resolution (continued):
Create Your Own YouTube Checklist

At least once a quarter (four times per year), you should study your competition. Add it to your YouTube calendar now so you make it a priority.

  ☑️ Once per Quarter: Review Competition Story Teller Tool
  ☑️ Once per Quarter: Review Category Rankings Tool
  ☑️ Once per Quarter: Review Top Brands on YouTube Tool

Cheers… and Happy New Year to all of our amigos!

Get started on your YouTube Resolutions now and #ConquerYouTube in 2020.

What are YOUR 2020 YouTube Resolutions?
Share ‘em in the comments below.

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