Point & Shoot: How Long to Make “How To” Photography Content for YouTube

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In the current content-driven world of the internet and social media, photography and video production practices and gear are forever changing. Staying on top of the best ways to capture content and express your creativity now takes a guru-like focus and commitment. Some of those individuals who are in-the-know also make it their mission to share their knowledge with the broader community.

This community became a special priority for VideoAmigo when Touchstorm, our in-house YouTube specialty agency, began working with Sony Alpha. For those who may not know, the Sony Alpha Universe is a vibrant community of creators who are pioneering new techniques in photography every day.

This week is especially significant for the Alpha Universe as their third annual Kando trip to Sunriver, Oregon is well underway. Participants are able to attend workshops, photoshoot events, participate in collective experiences, and much more. You can see images from the trip in real-time at the hashtag #SonyKandoTrip on Instagram.

Source: Alphauniverse.com

Beyond Alpha’s involvement in the community, the Photography Tips, Tricks, & How To Topic is a VERY large one, especially on YouTube.

VideoAmigo is currently tracking hundreds of Photography Tips, Tricks, & How To channels that have generated nearly 3 Billion views on YouTube.

The Top 10 Channels (by Lifetime Views) in the Topic are largely creator-driven. Let’s take a look at who they are:

VideoAmigo, August 14, 2019

In a crowded cateogry like this one, how can you make your videos the most watchable? 

One simple way to stand out is to make sure you are giving your viewers a digestible amount of information in each video by knowing the ideal length for a video in this Topic.

Here is where VideoAmigo’s Lengths Tool will help. The tool allows you to compare the average length of your videos to three other metrics to determine what is “ideal”:

  1. The average length of a video in your Topic
  2. The average of the top 10% of channels by views in your Topic
  3. The average on YouTube as a whole.

Let’s look at the data for Photography Tips, Tricks, & How To

Source, VideoAmigo, August 14, 2019, Lengths Tool

What The Data Means: Longer is better in the Photography Tips, Tricks, & How To Topic

These charts show us that although the average length of a video on YouTube is currently 7 minutes and 17 seconds, the channels doing the best in this Topic are making videos with an average length of almost 12 minutes.

This means that if you are making videos significantly shorter than 12 minutes, you might not be going into enough detail and should consider adding more information/explanation to extend your video’s length.

On the other hand, if you are going well over 12 minutes, you may be stretching the limits of your viewer’s attention span and experiencing higher than normal drop off.

Making this adjustment might be the key to drawing more viewers and subscribers to your channel.

Learn More & Use the Tool Now

You can use this and other tools in VideoAmigo’s Creator Tools Suite to learn about other Photography related Topics or select totally new Topics and channels to explore.

Read more on how to use the Lengths Tool at this link.

Find the ideal video length in your Topic at this link.

What tips & tricks do you have to share with the photography community?

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Header Image Source: pmyb.co.uk