YouTube By Producer Type: The Top 10,000 Entertainment Channels Ranked

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YouTube Is Gigantic…

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…with no signs of its growth slowing down any time soon.

How gigantic? By some calculations, 1/4 of the world’s population is already on YouTube. That’s amazing to think about… but also potentially very overwhelming if you are a creator or brand trying to understand your relative “place” in this vast kingdom of YouTube.

Don’t Compare Yourself to 1/4 of the World

The 15 high-level categories that YouTube segments channels into is a great start, but it only gives you a limited perspective. VideoAmigo took on the challenge to develop a comprehensive system of Categories, Themes, Conversations, and Topics that classify the YouTube-iverse into manageable chunks of channels that are talking about similar things.

By creating this frame of reference, VideoAmigo delivers more meaningful comparisons and benchmarks for every YouTuber. We’ve talked about our nested classification system in many of our other posts (but if you want a refresher, jump over here for a moment and then be sure to come right back…)

VideoAmigo Doesn’t Stop At Just A Tiered Taxonomy

To allow for even more context, we added filterable facts including a channel’s Competitive Set, Geography, Language… and the subject of this series: Producer Type.


What Is A Producer Type?

VideoAmigo keeps track of who is producing the content because they each tend to behave differently, and their interests and perspectives change based on who they are.

You can read all about the eight VideoAmigo Producer Types in the carousel above. In this post, we’re covering one of the most popular and fun Producer Types: Entertainment Entities. This includes:

  • Events and Event Promoters
  • Professional Actors, Actresses, Celebrities (whose fame was not created on Social Media), Choreographers, Comics, Dancers, Models
  • Musicians, (Signed) Recording Artists, (Unsigned) Up-and-Comers, Cover Artists, Bar Bands, Professional Studio Musicians, Music Producers, Composers
  • Live Performers, Shows and Entertainment Acts
  • Professional Directors, Cinematographers, Filmmakers
  • Radio and TV Hosts

Entertainment Entities: Top 5 Ranked

Using our Top YouTubers tool, we took a look at the Top 10,000* YouTube Entertainment Entities and it’s no surprise that the Top 5 are some of the most famous music artists in the world, starting off with the guy who was discovered on YouTube:

Top 5 - Entertainment Entities - Aug 27 2019
Source: VideoAmigo

*Some sites only show you the Top 250, or maybe even the Top 5,000. VideoAmigo’s Top YouTubers tool is sortable on many data points and shows the Top 10,000 including Producer Types, Languages, Geography, Views, Subscribers and more. See the example, below:

Source: VideoAmigo, Top YouTubers, #9710 to #9717, as of August 27, 2019

Click here to enlarge the above chart.

Where do YOUR favorite Entertainment Entities rank?
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Results shown here may not include every YouTube channel, as some may have been removed for lack of significant activity. Or maybe you know of a missing channel. If so, please add it. VideoAmigo is a giant wiki where YOU can contribute intelligence that helps the whole YouTube community.