Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is VideoAmigo?

    VideoAmigo is the world's largest public social media database and analytics platform for social creators and brands with free self-serve tools that help users Rise Above Your Rivals®.

    In simple terms, VideoAmigo is a suite of tools that helps:
    Creators grow their YouTube channels.
    Brands shop for social media talent.
    Media agencies plan and buy social video platforms.
    And, musicians track their YouTube climb.

    VideoAmigo 1460 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036

  • Who owns VideoAmigo?

    Diginary Holdings is the parent company to VideoAmigo. Diginary Holdings is self funded and women owned.

  • What is VideoAmigo’s relationship to Touchstorm?

    Touchstorm is a sister-company to VideoAmigo and is a tech-enabled services company that builds social media audiences for the world's largest brands. Touchstorm manages YouTube channels for organic growth, creates and executes influencer-marketing campaigns, conducts Topic Finder research, produces social videos, and executes paid media.

    Touchstorm is certified as a women's business enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

  • Who owns the information, photos, and video content in VideoAmigo?

    The content creator does!

    VideoAmigo does not claim any ownership or rights to any of a creator’s data, photos, and/or video content. VideoAmigo does not sell nor make any money from the already free and accessible public data, photos, and/or video content from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

  • How did my channel get into VideoAmigo and what if I want it removed?

    All of YouTube's public data is accessible on VideoAmigo; to be removed from the VideoAmigo database, the channel owner must remove or make private the respective channel(s) from all Social Platforms.

    VideoAmigo complies with the YouTube API Terms of Services agreement at all times when accessing or using the YouTube API Services. Please refer to the YouTube API Terms for more information.

    Your privacy is very important to us. Review the VideoAmigo Privacy Policy for additional details.

  • How do I delete the VideoAmigo account I created?

    To delete the VideoAmigo account you created, first make sure that you are logged in and then follow these steps:
    1) Select "My Account" in the dropdown menu below your user name.
    2) Near your avatar / user name / email / password, locate and select "edit".
    3) Next to "Account Status" select "delete my account" and then "YES, DELETE" to finish (or "No, Cancel" if you've changed your mind).

    Important Note: This will only delete the VideoAmigo account that you created and you will no longer be able to login, access comparison data about your channel(s), or receive email updates from VideoAmigo. For information about how your channel got into VideoAmigo and what to do if you want it removed, please see the section above.

  • What does it mean to “Claim My YouTube Channel” on VideoAmigo?

    When you “Claim” your YouTube Channel on VideoAmigo you gain access to FREE advanced channel management tools to help you — the channel owner or representative — grow your channel.

    Simply sign in with the Google credentials associated with the YouTube channel to:
    Protect the way you look in VideoAmigo ratings, rankings, and reports.
    Organize your channel into the best categories to reveal deep competitive stats.
    Enable you to receive business offers from sister-company Touchstorm and their clients looking to buy advertising or sponsorships.

    Important Privacy Information: Signing in with Google provides extremely minimal read-only access to a few details (like the channel’s audience demographics and retention) which are used to confirm view goals and reach to make your report even more accurate. This does NOT allow us to:
    …access any financial data about the talent or channel (that would require a separate permission which we will never seek);
    …perform any management activities; we can not access playlists or videos or take any actions on the channel’s behalf;
    …publish videos, change tags, change titles, change metadata, or change any of the channel’s videos or settings in any way whatsoever.

  • What is "Developed with YouTube"?

    Data on VideoAmigo that is marked with an asterisk (*) was pulled directly from the YouTube API.


  • What is the Touchstorm Video Index (TVi®)?
    The TVi is a unique proprietary classification system for social media channels built by — and for — video marketers.
  • Why did VideoAmigo create the Touchstorm Video Index (TVi®)?

    Simply put: video marketers need better data.
    The problem with video data is that there are a handful of companies reporting basic numbers from the YouTube API and other new media APIs – but from a marketing standpoint, it’s all amazingly devoid of insight. The key to all of the missing insights was the inability to compare knitters to knitters, beers to beers, and comedians to comedians. There are tens of millions of channels. To create meaningful insights, we needed to make YouTube and other new media smaller somehow.

    We built the TVi to solve this problem.
    The Touchstorm Video Index is a genome project for video and social content. This makes the TVi the most powerful video dataset on the market. We’ve appended various new media API data, classifying channels and videos into categories, themes, conversations, and topics. We’ve also classified the content creators, brands, personalities, geographies, and other valuable metadata, and overlayed that same classification system to Search.

    The TVi powers VideoAmigo.
    VideoAmigo is the first video marketing suite running on the TVi classification system. Our tools let you find topics to own in Search that your competition doesn’t see. And, with a Search sample size that represents 84% of the billion plus searches done each day on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, the insights that come out are mind-blowing.

  • What is the VideoAmigo data latency?

    VideoAmigo is committed to both data accuracy and an amazing user experience.

    The hundreds of millions of calculations necessary to provide just a single report would take much too long to give you a report on-the-fly. Therefore, data is derived once a day and cached on our servers. This allows us to provide your report immediately.

    This can affect your report in the following ways:
    Any channels added to our database on the same day you pull a report will not be reflected in any of the aggregate analysis.
    View counts and subscriber counts may be slightly skewed from what you see on YouTube and other social media platforms because they are a day behind, unless noted as a "Live" count on certain tools.

    If you have any questions about our data latency please click the feedback button on the right of your screen.


  • How do I get to my Account Settings?

    1)By clicking your avatar, top right.
    2)Inside any tool that requires an Account Setting, click on the Gear, top right.

  • Do I have to set my Account Settings up before I begin working with VideoAmigo?

    No, you can get started on any tool immediately. When you come across missing data, VideoAmigo will show you how to fill in the appropriate Account Setting so your tool will work perfectly.

  • What Account Settings will I be able to control on the VideoAmigo system, and how will it help me?

    Your time zone… so “Best Time to Upload” tool is local to you
    Your key performance indicators (KPIs)... so you can set goals and track achievement.
    Your Video Groups... so you can draw conclusions based on different kinds of content
    Your Competitors/Competitive Groups... so you can narrow in on a few rivals you need to track.
    Your Banned Words... so the powerful Comment Manager tool works harder for you
    Your Keywords... so the Search Tracker tools help you optimize better
    Your country... so you can narrow your comparisons.
    Your language... so you can narrow your comparisons.
    Your producer type... so others can understand if you‘re an Influencer who can be hired, and so Brands can get insights.
    Your sister channels... so your numbers can be grouped across everything you do.
    Your alerts... so you can control the types of performance warnings you want to hear about.
    Your start date... so you can benchmark your channel against others the same age.
    Your favorite time horizon... so you don‘t have to re-choose dates in every tool.
    Your fiscal year... so labels change to avoid confusion, and you can draw fiscal comparisons.
    Your other social channels... so for Influencer work and Collabs, people can find you.
    Your “Topics”... so you get perspective by learning what is good vs. Bad performance for channels talking about the same things you are.

  • How do these Account Settings interface with settings I already have on YouTube?

    Most of our settings are very different than YouTube’s, allowing you to go beyond YouTube Analytics so you can find new videos to make, locate Collab Partners, do category-specific analysis, prepare presentations, and manage your channel in whole new ways.

    However, there are a few Account Settings that overlap with YouTube. These include “Video Groups” and “Banned Words.” When a tool calls for these, we’ll give you a chance to import them straight from YouTube so you don’t do work twice. Then, when you make changes to those on VideoAmigo, they will upload themselves back to YouTube so you the two are always synched up. However, this requires an advanced Google Permission called “Manage Channel.” We will only use this permission for the specified purpose in that tool, like merging your Video Groups. However, if you’re uncomfortable with that, you can always skip it.


  • How and Why is VideoAmigo FREE to Creators?
    A few reasons.

    1. We didn’t build them to sell them. Sister company sells Touchstorm provides YouTube Audience Development services to huge global brands like Toyota, Gillette, T-Mobile and the like. To scale that business, we had to build analysis and performance tools that helped our employees save time and money and find out what works. As part of the YouTube Community, we decided to share many of them with you.

    2. Our Business Model. VideoAmigo and Touchstorm make their money by working for brands or selling them information. For example, we sell Youtube Audience Development, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Search Optimization Reports, Brand Insight Reports, and more. We don’t need to make money from Creators.

    3. We all need Big Conclusions. It’s hard to master YouTube when all you can see is your own performance. The industry needs benchmarks to crack the code. VideoAmigo isn’t exactly free. You are actually paying with your data. Not your singular, private data, but data we can aggregate and learn from.

    If I am essentially paying for VideoAmigo with my data, what are you doing with my data?

    We’re aggregating it to help unlock otherwise unavailable statistics so that you can perform better on YouTube and make more money from brands. Examples:

    Sharing with advertisers that ASMR channels mostly reach Men 25 – 54 and here’s a list they should advertise on.
    Revealing that average length of the most successful videos in your Topic of Portrait Photography are 6 minutes long, and your videos are only 2 minutes long…which means they’re too short for you to win.

    We also aggregate lots of data that has nothing to do with your hidden data.

    We hire a lot of Influencers around the world. For a Haircare brand, we might show them which Beauty Vloggers have made more hair videos than makeup videos.
    We might show them which Haircare Channels are rising Stars, growing the fastest and therefore likely to achieve a lower CPV.
    Or, we might prove that African-textured hair videos are getting more views than “smooth” hair videos, and the products and/or campaign needs to address the black market.

    Overall, the data is used to create benchmarks that show you, privately, where you are the same or very different than those around you, so you can decide what you want to change and what you want to keep the same to improve your discoverability.

  • What Kind of Permissions Will I Need To Grant VideoAmigo?

    It depends which tools you find most helpful.
    VideoAmigo has some valuable tools that are open to the world, without even logging in, like Lists, Channel Profiles and Live Subscribers.
    Many valuable VideoAmigo tools require only a free log in to see the data.
    Other tools require one of YouTube’s five levels of permission.
    Some brand tools that deal with Ad Revenue ask for a Google permission.

  • When would I grant those Permissions?

    As you arrive at each tool, VideoAmigo will tell you if you don’t have the permissions necessary to operate the tool. When that happens, VideoAmigo will show you how to grant the permission, and will transparently tell you exactly which data you are opening up to us. Collecting anonymous data and aggregating it to draw YouTube conclusion is why you are able to use these tools for free. So please, Claim Your Channel!

  • What kind of different Permissions are there?

    To simplify the syntax, we classify Permissions into Levels, and we tell you about these Levels as we’re asking you to fill in missing data by granting a Permission.

    Level 1: Allows VideoAmigo to show you (privately) your own basic information like Demographics, Watch Time and View Sources…which we then let you compare to others, and, which we process in different ways to save time over YouTube Analytics or we show it to you completely differently so you can draw important conclusions.

    Level 2: Allows VideoAmigo to show you (privately) more detailed comparative information about your channel like x, y, z

    Level 3: Allows VideoAmigo to “write back” to your channel which is important for keeping things synched and saving you time. For example, if you user our Sunsetter Tool or Comment Manager tool so you have more bells & whistles than YouTube Analytics, the work you do there needs to be sent back to YouTube so it will actually post on the site. We only use the Write Back feature for your own work. No one can change anything on your channel but you.

    Level 4: ...

  • Am I putting anything at risk by granting those Permissions?

    No. Data is stored on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) platform, which offers the highest level of cloud security imaginable. Our software runs on 128 bit encryption, the same kind of protection that banks use, so you can trust us to not get hacked.

  • Are there any other benefits to granting Permissions?

    Yes. VideoAmigo is a giant Wiki. Someone researching a category may decide to assign or remove many types of classifications. If your channel is in English and someone else accidentally relabels it as Spanish, then brands searching for English-speaking influencers won’t find you. Claiming your Channel and granting the most basic permissions will prevent others from being able to change your Profile and Vital Info in the wiki.

  • How is my privacy affected by granting those Permissions?

    Our privacy policy contains details, but VideoAmigo does not reveal your private data to anyone but you with one exception: if we have hired you as an Influencer, your demographic and geographic data will show up on an Influencer Dashboard that both you and the brand have access to, which is absolutely necessary to satisfy brands. Your Influencer Contract will note this separately; therefore, this shouldn’t be a concern until then.


  • How does VideoAmigo’s Taxonomy work?

    VideoAmigo runs off our database, the Touchstorm Video Index (Tvi). Our database contains 23,527,402 YouTube channels and 1,502,059,436 videos. What’s most unique about VideoAmigo is that all those channels and videos a re being mapped to 20,000+ nested categories. That means that if you’re a bass fisherman, you can compare yourself to other bass fishing channels. If you’re a makeup vlogger with a smoky eye video, you can compare that video to other smoky eye videos. And if you’re one of the crazy YouTubers who vlogs about everything and nothing, there’s a place for you, too.

    This gives you insight on how to better compete. Competing better will improve your standings. And showing off your standings is what you need to sell yourself as an influencer.

  • Why does VideoAmigo have such an elaborate classification system? Isn’t YouTube’s good enough?

    YouTube does have a basic classification system, which channels may self-assign. However, we work for brands, who demand very specific and precise consumer insights that they can rely on. That’s why we have a classification system with more than 20,000 Topics. Also, we are classifying Videos, not just Channels, as well as Country, Language, Producer Type and more.

  • What is a “Topic”?

    A topic is anything that draws people together to learn, be entertained, or to connect. Card tricks, Survival Skills, Pranks, Elementary School Teaching Aids, Nail Art, Woodturning, Kid Science Experiments, Brick Films and Minecraft are examples of VideoAmigo Topics.

    These Topics...

    a) define a group of content producers with similar interests
    b) make for searchable social content that passsionate consumers want to digest, each of which has keywords they need to perform against
    c) enable Benchmarking so Channel Owners can get advanced insights about what works for Sketch Comedy that does not work for Sailing the Globe Vlogs.
    d) All have Brands and Retailers that provide the supplies for each Topic, and therefore, want access to those influencers and their audiences.

  • How important is it to set up my Topics?

    Setting up your Topic(s) is the single most important thing you can do to make VideoAmigo work hardest for you. Once you do that, many of the tools will allow you to re-frame comparisons so you start narrow, looking at Topic Competitors, and can broaden out to see how you fare in a much bigger picture.

  • How do I get myself into a Topic?

    In your Account Settings. At various spots in VideoAmigo where we need a Topic assigned to give you the best data, we tell you right inside the tool, and give you a link to do it. We‘ve built a tagging system to make it easy. If you enter a term like Bridal Proposals, and we call that Topic Marriage Proposals, the system will find it for you.

  • Can I assign more than one Topic to my Channel?

    Yes. Most channels fall under multiple topics, which gives you many ways to look at things. For example, if you sew American Girl Doll Clothes, you probably will want to list yourself under three topics: American Girl Dolls, Sewing, and Doll Crafts. That way, you can compare yourself to anyone who anyone who is focused on American Girl...and anyone who is focused on making things for Dolls. You‘ll learn different things from each benchmark. Try entering different keywords so the system can help you pick: “sewing,“ “American Girl Doll“ and “doll clothes“ should reveal all the places you would want to be.

  • Who is allowed to put their Channel under a Topic?

    The general rule of thumb is that to live under a Topic, about 30% of your content should be about that same subject matter. The exception to the 30% rule is Gamers who move from Game to Game, and might amass multiple complete series of games over time. They are welcome to list themselves under each game, and, as a Gaming Vlogger. Just use your best judgment and if there‘s a problem, our Quality Control will pick up on it and contact you.

  • I notice Brands listed alongside Creators in my Topic. Can anyone be part of a Topic?

    Yes. Our classifications are about the WHAT, not the WHO. For example, if the Topic is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), there are many Producer Types who are part of that discussion. There‘s the Creator who vlogs about his struggles...the Expert that treats it...the Institution that raises money for it...the Brand who makes the therapy machines, etc. One of the reasons we classify Producer Types separately is so that once you‘re inside a Topic, like Makeup, where so many talking about the WHAT, you can break down the analysis by WHO as well.

  • What do you mean by “nested categories”? How does that work?

    It’s kind of like the study of biology where you start with Life at the top and get all the way down to Species at the bottom Your dog is part of the canine species, which is part of the Canidae family, on up until you’re looking at the entire Animal Kingdom. VideoAmigo has organized social media channels and content like that. We have 10 levels of nesting, four of which can be used for free by Creators; the rest are reserved for our strategic brand work.

    Category: Our top-level, broadest classification is called a Category. There are only 14 Categories, so they are big and self-evident. Like Sports, Family Life, House & Home, Music & Technology. If you are music channel, this enables you to compare yourself to all music channels.

    Theme: Underneath Categories are Themes. It’s still a very broad way of looking at things. For example, there are five themes under Sports: Adventure Sports, Traditional/Team Sports, Hunting & Shooting, Outdoor Recreation, Motorsports, Equine Sports, Sporting Goods & Gear. If you are a Motorsports channel, you can compare yourself to all Motorsports channels.

    Conversation: Now it starts to get specific and narrow. For example, Outdoor Recreation breaks down five ways: Boating, Fishing, Hiking & Wilderness Activities, Lawn Games, and Sledding & Snoeshoeing.

    Topic: This final public level is pretty narrow. There are often 10 to 30 Topics under every Conversation. For example, Boating has Airboating, Sailing, Boat Shows, Pontoon Boats, and many more.

  • How does this play out in VideoAmigo?

    You’ll see choices that look something like this:

    Level 1 Category : Media & Entertainment
    Level 2 Theme: Video Gaming
    Level 3 Conversation: Battle Royale Genre
    Level 4 Topic: Fortnite

    Other times it will look like this:

    Media & Entertainment « Video Gaming « Battle Royale Genre « Fortnite

  • Who does the classifying? Is there a Wiki?

    Our people and our technology have classified a significant portion of YouTube.. And now we have a wiki so our users can help. You’ll see many places in the system where you can add data to help out, perhaps filling out a category you want to study. The place to start is to make sure your channel has been assigned to a topic.

    As hard as we’ve worked to make our topics intuitive, you might be a little overwhelmed when you first see them. But, it won’t be long before you’re zooming around the system, understanding exactly where you fit. If you have any trouble finding your category, contact us at