Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is VideoAmigo?

    VideoAmigo is the world's largest public social media database and analytics platform for social creators and brands with free self-serve tools that help users Rise Above Your Rivals®.

    In simple terms, VideoAmigo is a suite of tools that helps:
    Creators grow their YouTube channels.
    Brands shop for social media talent.
    Media agencies plan and buy social video platforms.
    And, musicians track their YouTube climb.

    VideoAmigo 1460 Broadway, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036

  • Who owns VideoAmigo?

    Diginary Holdings is the parent company to VideoAmigo. Diginary Holdings is self funded and women owned.

  • What is VideoAmigo’s relationship to Touchstorm?

    Touchstorm is a sister-company to VideoAmigo and is a tech-enabled services company that builds social media audiences for the world's largest brands. Touchstorm manages YouTube channels for organic growth, creates and executes influencer-marketing campaigns, conducts Topic Finder research, produces social videos, and executes paid media.

    Touchstorm is certified as a women's business enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

  • Who owns the information, photos, and video content in VideoAmigo?

    The content creator does!

    VideoAmigo does not claim any ownership or rights to any of a creator’s data, photos, and/or video content. VideoAmigo does not sell nor make any money from the already free and accessible public data, photos, and/or video content from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

  • How did my channel get into VideoAmigo and what if I want it removed?

    All of YouTube's public data is accessible on VideoAmigo; to be removed from the VideoAmigo database, the channel owner must remove or make private the respective channel(s) from all Social Platforms.

    VideoAmigo complies with the YouTube API Terms of Services agreement at all times when accessing or using the YouTube API Services. Please refer to the YouTube API Terms for more information.

    Your privacy is very important to us. Review the VideoAmigo Privacy Policy for additional details.

  • How do I delete the VideoAmigo account I created?

    To delete the VideoAmigo account you created, first make sure that you are logged in and then follow these steps:
    1) Select "My Account" in the dropdown menu below your user name.
    2) Near your avatar / user name / email / password, locate and select "edit".
    3) Next to "Account Status" select "delete my account" and then "YES, DELETE" to finish (or "No, Cancel" if you've changed your mind).

    Important Note: This will only delete the VideoAmigo account that you created and you will no longer be able to login, access comparison data about your channel(s), or receive email updates from VideoAmigo. For information about how your channel got into VideoAmigo and what to do if you want it removed, please see the section above.

  • What does it mean to “Claim My YouTube Channel” on VideoAmigo?

    When you “Claim” your YouTube Channel on VideoAmigo you gain access to FREE advanced channel management tools to help you — the channel owner or representative — grow your channel.

    Simply sign in with the Google credentials associated with the YouTube channel to:
    Protect the way you look in VideoAmigo ratings, rankings, and reports.
    Organize your channel into the best categories to reveal deep competitive stats.
    Enable you to receive business offers from sister-company Touchstorm and their clients looking to buy advertising or sponsorships.

    Important Privacy Information: Signing in with Google provides extremely minimal read-only access to a few details (like the channel’s audience demographics and retention) which are used to confirm view goals and reach to make your report even more accurate. This does NOT allow us to:
    …access any financial data about the talent or channel (that would require a separate permission which we will never seek);
    …perform any management activities; we can not access playlists or videos or take any actions on the channel’s behalf;
    …publish videos, change tags, change titles, change metadata, or change any of the channel’s videos or settings in any way whatsoever.

  • What is "Developed with YouTube"?

    Data on VideoAmigo that is marked with an asterisk (*) was pulled directly from the YouTube API.


  • What is the Touchstorm Video Index (TVi®)?
    The TVi is a unique proprietary classification system for social media channels built by — and for — video marketers.
  • Why did VideoAmigo create the Touchstorm Video Index (TVi®)?

    Simply put: video marketers need better data.
    The problem with video data is that there are a handful of companies reporting basic numbers from the YouTube API and other new media APIs – but from a marketing standpoint, it’s all amazingly devoid of insight. The key to all of the missing insights was the inability to compare knitters to knitters, beers to beers, and comedians to comedians. There are tens of millions of channels. To create meaningful insights, we needed to make YouTube and other new media smaller somehow.

    We built the TVi to solve this problem.
    The Touchstorm Video Index is a genome project for video and social content. This makes the TVi the most powerful video dataset on the market. We’ve appended various new media API data, classifying channels and videos into categories, themes, conversations, and topics. We’ve also classified the content creators, brands, personalities, geographies, and other valuable metadata, and overlayed that same classification system to Search.

    The TVi powers VideoAmigo.
    VideoAmigo is the first video marketing suite running on the TVi classification system. Our tools let you find topics to own in Search that your competition doesn’t see. And, with a Search sample size that represents 84% of the billion plus searches done each day on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, the insights that come out are mind-blowing.

  • What is the VideoAmigo data latency?

    VideoAmigo is committed to both data accuracy and an amazing user experience.

    The hundreds of millions of calculations necessary to provide just a single report would take much too long to give you a report on-the-fly. Therefore, data is derived once a day and cached on our servers. This allows us to provide your report immediately.

    This can affect your report in the following ways:
    Any channels added to our database on the same day you pull a report will not be reflected in any of the aggregate analysis.
    View counts and subscriber counts may be slightly skewed from what you see on YouTube and other social media platforms because they are a day behind, unless noted as a "Live" count on certain tools.

    If you have any questions about our data latency please click the feedback button on the right of your screen.