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Analysis & Insights: Applause Rates

What is Applause Rate?

Applause Rate is VideoAmigo’s measure of what percentage of a video’s viewers click the Like Button. Each video has its own Applause Rate. People like some of your videos a lot more than they like others.

But, WHICH do they like? It’s impossible to tell without the Applause Rate chart (unless you’re a math genius). Pop quiz: which video has the better Applause rate? Video A, with 100,000 views and 20,000 likes, or Video B, with 67,000 views and 14,100 likes? (The answer is B.)

Using the Tool

Use VideoAmigo’s Applause Rate tool to find out which of your videos are liked the most, so you can make more just like them. You can also use this tool to compare the Applause Rate of your entire channel vs. your Topic Competitors.

This tool, like many of our tools, allows you to limit your results by Video Groups.