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Analysis & Insights: Audience Concentration

What is Audience Concentration?

YouTube channels can be one-hit wonders, too. Just like bands (or, two-hit or three-hit wonders). You wouldn’t buy the whole album of a one-hit wonder band, and you won’t subscribe to a one-hit wonder YouTube channel even if you love that great video they once made. That’s the idea behind our Audience Concentration Analysis.

How close to being a one-hit wonder are you? To build a following, sell advertising, and win influencer deals, you need to be able to produce content that can attract an audience reliably. Not just a couple of lucky strokes. If your top 3 most viewed videos make up more than 60% of your channel’s viewing, you’re dangerously close to one-hit wonder territory. On the other extreme, if you’ve made 100 videos and each video brings in 1% of your vies, you’re doing AMAZINGLY WELL. Every single thing you make is a hit. Perfection like that is unrealistic.

Using the Tool

Are you closer to a one-hit wonder or to perfection? Find yourself on the spectrum with this analysis.

Note: If you’re just getting started, this analysis won’t reveal anything interesting yet. Although, it may teach you about something to look out for as your YouTube channel grows.