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YouTube Search Presence

Popular. To make money on YouTube, that’s what you need to be, and the way to get there is to show up in Page One Search/Top 20. For each topic in the Touchstorm Video Index, we’ve gathered the 200 most popular search terms so we can tell you how you’re doing.

Ranking Summary

Obsessed. That’s what you’re about to be, because you’re going to want to check this every day. We’re tracking over 22mm YouTube channels and will show you exactly where you rank – compared to all and compared to a narrow competitive set.

Content Cadence

Consistent. YouTube rewards uploading consistency and content volume, but punishes too much content. Find out how your uploading compares to the average in your Topic, and how many videos the Top 10% in your topic are uploading (and when).

Monthly Trends

Recent. What matters is what’s happening right now. YouTube’s been around for more than a decade now. The old way of looking at numbers – by Lifetime – just isn’t relevant anymore. Month over month, week over week, VideoAmigo keeps you focused on what matters.

Relative Growth Rates

Perspective. Let’s say you’re growing 5% a month. Pretty good, right? But, what if everyone else in your Topic is growing 9% a month? Not so good. VideoAmigo calculates not just your growth rate, but the growth rate of those around you.


Ahead. Why should dramatic happenings on your channel rely on accidental discovery? If comments need your attention, you’ve fallen behind for a critical keyword, a brand wants to partner with you, you’ve reached a new view goal – you’ll get the message here.